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I help freelancers, aspiring and newly established entrepreneurs in the therapeutic industries organize and streamline their business so that they feel confident, empowered, and calm.


HOW I SET UP an award-winning SPA FROM SCRATCH

I had so much pressure, I worked hard while neglecting health and self-care. As a consequence,  I started to suffer from stress-related chronic illnesses.  

After spending a night in the emergency room and realizing how much my body had deteriorated, I decided to make changes. I binged on business and personal development resources. I experimented all the strategies I read about, to organize my work and personal life. I also received the help and guidance from an amazing coach. 

I’ve set up Kocoon Spa, an award winning spa and wellness center, and have been running it for almost a decade, working with inspiring practitioners from around the world to host numerous workshops in beauty, health, wellness, and healing art.

Building everything without going through a franchise system, also means learning everything by doing it, and creating everything from scratch. We started with zero client in the list, I drafted all the operations, administration, and marketing material, recruited the team, researched suppliers, and service providers. 


 Gradually, I became aware that leading a business successfully demands to consistently work on oneself, on our mind, body, and soul. Because when you're healthy and in the right mindset, you become resourceful and inspired.



Though this powerful lesson, I learned that things doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to figure out everything on your own and struggle.

If you’re looking to set up, grow, or streamline your business, I’d love to work with you! 

Helping you feel empowered to run your own business, and having you accomplish this with pleasure and confidence, makes me so proud and drives everything I do. 

Today, clients need to reserve a few days in advance to get a treatment at Kocoon Spa. It was featured in Canada Day Spa, Asia Spa, Vogue, Luxe City Guide, Louis Vuitton City Guide and it’s David Beckham’s favorite in the city!

The icing on the cake is that it was awarded Best Spa of the capital for the past 3 years and shortlisted nomination for Best Day Spa by Asia Spa Awards. 

Award Winning Spa Business Kocoon Spa China
Before I knew Maika and Wellnesspreur, I experienced her spas in Beijing...a very tough place to create balance, wellness and beauty, but low and behold, this soft-spoken, calming yet inspiring visionary did it with grace. Kocoon is a wonderful spa in Beijing, if Maika could create an oasis there, she can truly help you do it anywhere. Plus, she’s wonderful to engage with.
— Erin Lee Henshaw, Co-founder of The Yellow Door and The Mind Body Project

streamlining the business

In 2016, I moved to Istanbul to be with my husband, and gave birth to our baby last December. In order to fully embrace this new journey and not have to travel so far, I sold the company-which was already running on auto-pilot, to a local person.

Today, you can find me either in the kitchen preparing finger food for my baby, or working from my home office to grow this platform, where I dedicate myself into helping other women and moms confidently turn their dream into a business they’re proud of.

In a need to step back from operations, in 2014, I began to manage Kocoon Spa remotely and live in Northern Thailand every other month. Step by step, I streamlined the entire management process, while studying Thailand’s rich therapeutic field.

This led me to launch my first international wellness retreat to Chiangmai as well as a series of Thai massage workshops at Kocoon Spa-both projects turned out to be a huge success!

Maika Endo Holistic Business Strategist

Here's 3 things most people don't know...

1- I’m a healer at heart, and studied several therapeutic modalities such as Thai massage, sound therapy, and somatic experiencing.

2- As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe in the need for a strong, supportive community. I’m a board member at Bosphorus Toastmasters in Istanbul. If you’d like to improve your leadership and speech skills, join us on Wednesdays at 7:3p0PM!

3- I’m a tea geek, and was interviewed about tea by Asia Spa Magazine. My favorite is Da Hong Pao, the “Big Red Robe” tea, which has a deep mineral and earthy taste. If you’d like to share a tea ceremony with me, I’m your girl!


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