I simplify the systems that worked for me, into powerful, bitesize, and easy-to-implement lessons. My goal is to support you in growing your business with ease and clarity, and without the overwhelm!

Time Management


Steal my system to be more organized and focused, and take your wellness business to the next level!

Website Building Istanbul


A different kind of website building workshop for entrepreneurs who wish to step up their game!

This platform is a treasure. It contains so many valuable advices on how to turn your dreams into a big business. Feeling grateful for all professional tips and heart-given advices.
— Ana Zikic, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

My Big “Why”


Many people accumulate self-help books because they believe that reading the book will automatically make them more successful or a better person.

The only problem is that once they finished the book, it ends up in a pile and all the great ideas are lost!

“This is a familiar trap of confusing intellectual understanding with learning”, says Peter Senge- Systems Scientist and MIT professor.

Books have been my mentors since I founded Kocoon Spa in 2008. They have always helped me think with a new mindset, explore new marketing strategies, and understand management better.

If I learned one thing about learning, it’s that if you want to make the most out of your reading time, you need to take actions immediately!

Thus, I have always used my brick and mortar business to share new ideas with the team members and experiment ways to grow and streamline the process so things would flow better and I could have more peace of mind.

I’m here today to share this knowledge with you. Join my online workshops and take the shortcut to use the best tools available immediately!