How To Use Google Alerts for Your Small Business

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Alerts

Setting up google alerts will allow you to regularly receive wrapped-up emails of what is on the web, keyed around your core interests- defined by keywords of your choice. Consider it as a summary of Google curated just for you!

Google Alerts Tutorial

3 ideas to Use Google Alerts

  • You can set it up with your own name or brand name to know each time someone posts something about you or your business.

  • You can set it up with your competitor’s name, to know what they are up to.

  • You can set up alerts for your industry to know what are the latest trends and events, and be ahead of the curve.

You can narrow down your alerts so it’s specific to a language, a region, a result type (blog, video, books, news etc.), you can also choose the frequency of these emails you'll be receiving.

Watch my video tutorial on how to set up google alerts in less than 5 minutes to track your favorite topics on the web.

Click-by-Click Tutorial


Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Go to in your browser.

Step 2: Type in the key words for the topic you want to track.

Google Alerts 2 (1).jpg

Step 3: Click “show options”.

Google Alerts 1 bis.jpg

Step 4: Select your options to narrow down the results: 

  • Frequency of your email notifications: I recommend once a week.

  • Source: I leave it on automatic.

  • Languages: Select the languages you are interested in >> I chose English.

  • Region: I chose any region, but if you are targeting a specific market you can narrow down to a specific region here.

  • How many: Do you want everything, or just the best results according to Google? I chose the latter.

Step 5: "Deliver to": Type in your email address where you want to receive the email notifications. 

Google Alerts 4 (1).jpg

Step 6: Click “create alert” and you are all set!

You will receive email notifications with the results that match your selection according to the options you have chosen.

How to delete / modify: You can edit your alerts' options and delete them anytime on you alert dashboard:

Google Alerts 6 (1).jpg

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