Mindful Coffee With Ana Zikic, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Ana Zikic Chinese Medicine Mayan Calendar
I believe that good habits are the base for a happy and healthy life.

Hi, My Name Is Ana Zikic

I help people who suffer from headaches, irregular menstruations, digestive problems etc., with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, so they can feel pain relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation after a treatment. 

Mindful Coffee Q&A:

1) I like my coffee..

Double espresso or freshly roasted coffee

2) What do you have for breakfast on the good days? 

I like to have porridge. My favorite is millet or oat porridge with goji berries, black sesame seeds, and brown sugar. 

3) What is the best piece of advise you were given when you started your practice / business?

To be happy and satisfied with things, to be unique, organized, and honest with patients. 

4) What do you do to overcome stress, anxiety, or any work related worries?

Practicing Qigong, mindful breathing, and a physical activity is very important for me.

5) Can you give some tips for a beginner who is just starting with meditation?  

Focus your intention on your breath , prolong your exhale. Erect your spine and relax your shoulders. It would be good if in the beginning, your feet are touching the ground and are connected to its energy, and later you can choose a more comfortable position. Some background music of 432 Hz frequency could be a good choice as well as the use high quality aroma oils such as lavender or pomegranate essential oils. 

6) What's is your secret to happiness?

To be present in the moment, to smile as often as you can. 

7) What is the secret to a strong, healthy body? 

Ana Zikic Chinese Medeicine Mayan Calendar

Regular daily practice, regular breakfast, diner cannot be too late, good sleep, alkaline food. 

8) What is your favorite habit and why?

I believe that good habits are the base for a happy and healthy life, and for this, I swear by Qigong practice. 


Where Can We Find You?

I'm based in Serbia and the Alps. You are most likely going to find me at

dr.zikicana [ at ] gmail.com.



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