Mindful Coffee with Annemieke, Breath Coach

The most important thing is to do something you truly enjoy. If that’s the case, everything else will fall into place. 
— Annemieke

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Hi, My Name Is Annemieke

I help people who have a wish for change in their life. By looking at their question within the context of the system they are part of, clients may gain an understanding of where and how their (perceived) problem originated.

By re-establishing bonds within the system (family) and recognizing every one and every thing that is part of that system, love may flow again and clients can become free for a next step in their lives.


1) I like my coffee...

Black and very mild.

2) What do you have for breakfast on the good days?

A bowl of oatmeal, with coconut, raisins, walnuts, apricots, cinnamon, banana maybe, and creamy coconut milk.

3) What is the best piece of advise you were given when you started your practice / business?

There was no clear moment when I started a business or practice, but throughout the years I learned that the most important thing is to do something you truly enjoy.

If that’s the case, everything else will fall into place. 

4) What do you do to overcome stress, anxiety, or any work related worries?

Meditation and sometimes a breathing session.

5) What is your favorite business tool / app / software / habit / equipment and why?

Before I facilitate a session, whether it is a systemic work (constellations) or a breathing session, I make sure I have ample time to center myself, usually by doing meditation, or my own breathing session first.

6) Can you give some recommendations for a beginner us just starting with meditation?

My recommendation for a beginner, who wants to start meditating is not to be discouraged. There is so much talk out there about meditation, so many courses to take, things to learn, but the reality is actually very simple. Sit down, close your eyes and observe… don’t attach yourself to your thoughts. Just let them be and wait.. eventually it will get quiet. You don’t need anybody else, you can do it yourself. 

As for a breathing session, find a facilitator that you feel comfortable with, that you trust and surrender to the process.

7) I'm grateful for...

All the things I have learned and the people I have met through my work. It is always an experience of connection and healing for my clients as well as for me.

Where Can We Find You?

I'm based in The Netherlands. 

You are most likely going to find me at home in Holland and can reach me via email aborrias [at] gmail.com.




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