Mindful Coffee With Hanno, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Hanno Cranio Sacral
The secret to a strong and healthy body? To realize the difference between food as entertainment and food as essential body fuel. 

Hi, My Name Is Hanno.

I work in two fields, earth construction and craniosacral therapy.  I help people who suffer from tension and stress on a physical level as well as emotional level with craniosacral so they can release the internal stress which otherwise affects physicality. 

Mindful Coffee Q&A

1) I like my coffee ...

Short and black, more important is a glass of water before the coffee.

2) What do you have for breakfast on good days? 

When I am with my partner she prepares the « 4 Whites » for me, a soothing porridge according to Traditional Chinese Medicine containing 4 white ingredients. 

When I am on my own, I have goji berries, linseed, chia seeds soaked overnight in water with a few sips of warm water. 

3) What is the best piece of advise you were given when you started your practice / business?

Easy is right. What you do inspires you and evolves along the way with ease. 

Know exactly what you want. 

Hanno Earthman cranio sacral

4) What do you do to overcome stress, anxiety, or any work related worries?


5) What is your secret to a strong and healthy body? 

To feed the body with what he needs to operate.

To realize the difference between food as entertainment and food as essential body fuel. 

To move body with grace, best in nature. 

6) What is your favorite business tool / app / software / habit / equipment and why?

My hands. Cranio sacral therapy and earthworks are done by hand. The more I am aware about that; the clearer and more powerful the result. 

7) I’m grateful for...

I am grateful for every moment I spend in nature on my snowboard or walking. Best to share with friends. 

Where Can We Find You? 

I am based in Austrian Alps and Serbia. You can find me at earthman.at

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