Mindful Coffee with Isabelle, Asian Therapies Practitioner

Photo by www.juditrodriguez.com

Photo by www.juditrodriguez.com

The flow of energy through the body is key to being healthy.
— Isabelle Naud


I like my coffee___________.

"Cortado", with a touch of milk.

What do you have for breakfast on the good days? 

Fruits and a piece of bread with cheese, or ham.

What is the best piece of advise you were given when you started your practice?

Find a niche.

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What is your niche?

Active expat women from 30 to 60 years old who experience stress and anxiety.

What is your secret to peace of mind and clarity when it comes to work? 

Relaxing music. I like the sound of Tibetan Bowls, as well as Asian instrumental music.

What is your favorite tool / app / software / blog to help you manage or grow your business?

After watching one of your tutorials, I set up Google alerts to stay ahead of my industry. They give me a lot of insight.

What is your biggest business frustration/struggle/challenge? 

My biggest challenge is to make myself known and find clients. 

What is the best way so far to make yourself known and find clients? 

Going to networking events and posting on Expats FB groups.

I believe that_______________.

The flow of energy through the body is key to being healthy. 


Hi, my name is Isabelle Naud and I help people who suffer from stress and anxiety with Tai Chi classes and Thai massage, and Shiatsu, so they can feel relaxed and centered again.


I’m based in Barcelona, Spain.

You are most likely going to find me at Asian Therapies Barcelona on Facebook.


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