8 Powerful Questions to End The Year with Clarity

New YEar Clarity.jpg

1-What Am I proud of?

✔︎ I created my website for Wellnesspreneur™ and set up all the associated social media accounts. 

✔︎ I built a solid content creation ritual which allows me to have time for my top priorities, and not feel overwhelmed. 

✔︎ I learned new tech skills such as how to produce a video tutorial and set up digital courses. 

IG: @wellnesspreneur.co

2-What Do I NEED TO improve? 

⇢ I need to experiment a bit more with Facebook ads to be comfortable with it.

⇢ I still feel a bit awkward in front of a camera and need more practice. 

3-What did i neglect? 

Regular physical exercises. 

4-What baby stepS can I do TODAY to make it better this YEAR? 

Maybe consider working with a personal trainer twice a week. I'm thinking Krav Maga!

5-What helpED me THE MOST? 

Planning ahead my work and also my leisure time so that I don't default to whatever is available to distract me. I update my habit trackers and my weekly planner on daily basis to stay on track, and also to monitor where my time goes. 

My Habit Tracker

My Habit Tracker


☞ Making a ToDoList paper sticky note for the next day and at the end of each day of work,  as part of my "shutdown ritual". This allows me to sit at my desk in the morning and get straight to my top priorities.  

Wellnesspreneur Business Education

Bundling my tasks and deciding a theme for each day, instead of doing different things throughout the day. For example, "production day" to do all necessary recordings and editing, "course day" to write my course content and prepare the slide decks, etc...By keeping a unique unique theme for the day, there is less friction between tasks, my focus, and the quality of the work done is higher. 

Wellnesspreneur Business Education

6-What is the theme for THIS year?  

Putting myself in front of the camera.

7-How will I achieve this? 

Speech practice at the Toastmaster Club! Play a bit with Instagram and Facebook live. 

8-What do I look forward to?

Build a supportive community of like-minded people. 

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