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Small business owners and entrepreneurs

✔︎ You’ve already set up your business but you feel that things became a routine, and you’re ready for more time, freedom, and income.

✔︎ You’re ready to scale your business and you need a strategy.

✔︎You’d like to step back from operation, manage remotely, or put your business on auto-pilot.




.I work with a select number of clients, and only 2 Serenity clients per quarter. Please make sure to book in advance to secure your session.

Taking now bookings for October, November, and December.


One-on-one Intensive

One 90-minute session | 180$

✔︎ We work on a specific point and I will support you the best I can using my tools, resources, and experience.

✔︎ You will have a questionnaire to fill prior to our session so we can make the most out of our time together.

✔︎ You’ll have a personalized action plan so you have clarity on the next steps to take, and motivation.


4 sessions over 2 months

4 hour-long sessions | 480$/month

✔︎ We will work on one big “rock” or more depending on your situation.

✔︎ We will plan the 4 sessions together over a 2 months period.

✔︎ There’ll be time between each session for implementation.

✔︎ I will check-in with you at the beginning OR end of each week by What’sApp.

✔︎ Support between the sessions by What’sApp.

✔︎ You’ll have a personalized action plan so you have clarity on the next steps to take, and motivation.

Kind words

Erin Lee Henshaw Yoga Mindfulness

“Before I knew Maika and her coaching business, I experienced her spas in Beijing...a very tough place to create balance, wellness and beauty, but low and behold, this soft-spoken, calming yet inspiring visionary did it with grace. Kocoon is a wonderful spa in Beijing, if Maika could create an oasis there, she can truly help you do it anywhere. Plus, she’s wonderful to engage with.”

— Erin Lee Henshaw, Co-Founder of The Mind Body Project, USA

“Through our coaching sessions, Maika listened to my worries and made very helpful suggestions. We discussed about online booking options for my spa business, worked on my time management so I could feel less overwhelmed, and she also helped me set up a system so I could better manage my cashflow.”

Marjorie Poitevin Founder of La Perle D’Asie Spa, New Caledonia

Marjorie Poitevin Spa

Ali Soyer Yoga Mindfulness

“Maika built me an awesome looking and functional website, taught me (I am far form being digital-friendly!) how to manage it, and is still there to guide me may I need her help. She is generous and kind”

—Ali Soyer, Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, Turkey

Rasih Bensan Toastmasters

“I highly recommend you Maika Endo who has guided and inspired me if you are looking for a good coach to help you in :
1. Setting your personal business goals,
2. Developing your personal business plan, 
3. How to develop a personal brand and market yourself, 
4. Digitizing your business,
5. Building your business website, Facebook page, LinkedIn and Instagram profile, 
6. Promoting your business on the internet, 
7. Receiving education on all of the above.”

Rasih Bensan, Personal Development Public Speaker, Turkey


“My discussion with Maika started on an informal note and she picked up from there that I needed help. I could swear her generosity when she herself offered help to me to discuss the path I am looking for. It was a self enlightening session with her and she was really supportive of my thoughts. I am so glad to have a friend/support in her at a foreign land for me. Highly recommend her.”

— Bhavna Thakur, Space Clearing Coach, India

"I worked with Maika in her one day website development workshop. In that short time, she brought me from a point of no familiarity at all to feeling confident that I can develop my own high-quality site. Maika walked through the big-picture issues about design, selection of a theme, content needs and types, storing media, as well as the very detailed steps required to link pages and develop effective SEO on the site. She did it in a simple and easy to understand way! As a technologist myself I can say this is the most important thing. I really recommend working with Maika to gain an understanding of both website development and marketing concerns, she clearly knows her subjects well and is able to communicate complex material in an easy to follow, simple and structured way."

Sharon Watkins, Business to IT Fit Strategist, Founder, Hybrid Advantage LLC, USA


the serenity package session duration is too little! Why is it just one hour?

If we come prepared to our sessions and we’ re focused, one hour is enough and plenty, as it’s quite intensive and active for both of us. I will never leave you without an action plan, and during implementation time, we will always be connected. You can message me if you have questions or need support, and we will also have a weekly What’sApp check-up.

What happens during a discovery call?

We will simply get to know each other. You can share about your current situation as much as you feel comfortable sharing. I’m curious about what lights you up and what is depleting your energy, and keeping you stuck. You can ask me any questions during our online coffee!

Do you work with people outside the therapeutic field?

Yes! From experience, I know that small business owners and entrepreneurs from different industries share common struggles.

What happens after I pay and book the session?

If it’s your first session, I will share with you a 2-page pre-coaching form for you to fill. This will help me understand your company more, so we can make the best out of our time together.


So we can book the sessions not too far from each other and have some momentum to push big shifts.


Let's have an online coffee!

Ready to take your business to the next level? If you’re considering working together, let’s have coffee, and see if we are a good fit for each other!