Hey, I’m Maika

I help business owners in the therapeutic industries, streamline their systems and marketing so that they feel confident, empowered, and calm in their business and life.


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Feeling stuck? Let's have an online coffee meeting and design a personalized action plan, to get you moving towards your highest goals !

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Do you feel like there is not enough time in your day and feel overwhelmed juggling too many roles inside your business? I’ve got you!

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You're doing everything yourself to build your brand with very little budget, and need more clients? Get my free PDF cheat sheet!

Hi! I'm Maika

I'm a health advocate and co-founder of an award-winning boutique spa and wellness center which I set up from scratch, and is still up and running for a decade! When I started, I had no experience at all, but I was full of passion. The journey of a business owner is an unmarked course rather than a paved highway, with unexpected twists and turns. I’m here to share my best tools and resources so you can feel guided and supported, and fulfill your biggest dreams!

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Mastering Time

Are you ready to be more organized and focused, and take your business to the next level?