How does it work?

After you select your template and check-out, you'll receive a link to download a one-page form with fill-in-the-blanks. All you need to do is fill the form and email it to me. 

In which format will be my template?

You'll receive both a print-ready PDF file and a JPG file for your social media. 

When will I receive my template after payment?

After completion of the order and reception of the completed one-page form, you'll have your file within 48 hours. 

What will I send you?

I will send you a fill-in-the blanks so we can use your company's details. We can keep the images as they are, or we can use your own images. 

Can I modify the content after?

You will not be able to modify the design because it's a PDF format, but I include one revision in the offer, so you can email me any changes you'd like me to do on the current design, within 3 days following the final design sending.