Launch a profitable website that will bring you more clients, bookings, and more sales!


Does this sound like you?

You ‘re a solopreneur, and you’re juggling many roles at the same time. Marketing and technology is the part of your business that gets pushed back.

  • You have started working on your website but never finished it, or you’re not completely satisfied with the one you have.

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the tech things, and don’t know where to start.

  • You’re struggling with what to put in the website and how to design the lay out so it looks professional.

  • You’re not sure how how your website can help you grow your business.

I know this, because I used to be frustrated with all the above!


Designed for entrepreneurs and educators who wish to build an online presence for their business. This boutique workshop for non-techy people will teach every necessary step to create an outstanding website that reflects your business philosophy and brings new clients to your door! We will do it together, click-by-click, from start to finish.



website building workshop istanbul

No more overwhelm and no more procrastination! You can take the shortcut and follow my step-by-step process. In just 2 days, you will;

  1. Build and launch a professional looking website which helps you grow your business. 

  2. Gain clarity and confidence about the content of your website.

  3. Learn how to edit it with ease and on the go. 

  4. Know the exact action steps to take to make your website findable on search engines without paying for ads.

This course is beginner friendly and no coding is required!

NB: As this is a boutique program, seats are limited, make sure to book your spot!

Since there is a preparation work for me for each individual attendee before the workshop, enrollment will close on Thursday May 17 at noon.

Maika is always an email or a phone call away with all her generosity, kindness and technical capability.  She gave me the best tips on how to make my website be seen on internet, and despite my discomfort in front of a computer screen, was able to teach me how easily I can manage my website.


When: Tuesday, May 21 &28, from 11am-3pm.

Where: MOC Osmanbey- one of the best speciality coffee shop in Istanbul. I love MOC because they have almond milk coffee!

Pre-launch price: 320TL.

The fee does not include food and drinks that you may order at MOC.

The number of participants is limited to ensure an intimate learning environment. Make sure to book your seat now!


Day 1: Foundation

website design istanbul
  • 10 ways your website can help you grow your business.

  • Website dos and don'ts: 14 tips and strategies to attract (the right) clients and what mistakes to avoid.

  • Anatomy of a website for solopreneurs: The top website pages you need and design best practices.

  • How to set up your domain name (website’s address) and your business email account.

  • I will show you click by click, one step at a time, how to build your stunning website and we will do it together: Proper setup for better Google ranking, creating the menu, organizing pages, adding the blog, banners, image gallery, videos, connecting to your social media accounts etc,.

Day 2: Accelerate

  • We will continue building the website.

  • Beyond basics: I will share some tips to master all your website’s features such as the analytics, announcement bar, pop up window etc,. so you can grow your audience.

  • SEO best practice: The 20 most important SEO* tactics you’ll ever need to make your site visible (and rank high) on Google search engine and help you grow your business without having to pay for ads. Read about “SEO”-aka search engine optimization in MY LITTLE STORY below.

  • How to set up your online store to sell physical products, digital goods (ebooks, PDF, gift certificates, guides etc,.), and services, so you can have a passive revenue.

  • We will launch your website and you’ll walk away with a stunning professional website.

website design marketing istanbul


  • Access to the workshop for both days.

  • Website Demystified workshop slide decks available for download, and lifetime access to any future upgrades.

  • Website Demystified workshop companion workbook with course checklists and my best design resources. You’l have all the steps of your website building written down so you can create new websites for any kind of business following the same process. Lifetime access to future upgrades.

website design istanbul


website design istanbul
  1. You’ll benefit from a 20% immediate discount on your year subscription (save 43$) and a 6 months free trial period with Squarespace instead of the standard 2 weeks.

  2. I will not disappear after the workshop! You’ll be invited to Wellnesspreneur’s workshop members only Facebook group, where I will provide a weekly Q&A support for a month.


MOC - Ministry Of Coffee

The coffee shop is right at the “Rumeli Caddesi” exit of the subway station.

Telephone: + (90) 212 296 88 41

Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Şişli

Maika was very helpful and professional. She is a wonderful and creative designer who listens to your needs and is willing to assist at anytime. I had a simple vision for my website and Maika brought that vision into reality.

My Big “Why”

Maika Endo

I struggled with websites when I started my spa business 11 years ago. I spent so much money and energy communicating with web designers, the process was always stressful.

One day during my holiday, I tried to update my Wordpress site and it crashed! Given the timeframe, I had no other choice than to figure out how to put a new one up by myself. With some research, I launched a new-and improved one within a week.

I found this experience so empowering, I became obsessed with it and experimented with all the website builders on the market.

Today, I do believe that when you are a small business owner, it makes more sense to do it yourself (including the content writing), so that everything aligns with your vision, and embodies your personality in an authentic way. Having this kind of control over your business, being able to edit, and make changes to your website anytime you want without depending on someone else, gives peace of mind, and that is priceless! I designed this website, and also designed websites for other clients. Very quickly, I realized that I enjoyed more teaching my clients how to manage their website and creating tutorials for them more than anything else. This is why I’m here today!

*SEO Hacks-aka “search engine optimization”:

You can google “spas+Beijing” and my spa business Kocoon Spa will rank in the first 5 results, against more than 35,000,000 results. Try “Facial+Beijing” and we are the first suggestion among 62 000 000 results! Finally, for “waxing+Beijing” we are first among 700 000 results.

I didn’t pay for it, and it’s not rocket science, I applied some simple strategies which I will share with you. Once you know the basics, it’s easy!

“I had a great learning and sharing time at Maika’s SEO class. Maika is truly an excellent teacher! What I appreciated the most about Maika’s SEO training was not only that she delivered the class content with very clear outlines, but also she interpreted the complicated IT language into the one that her students could comprehend right away.
— Grace Ma, Make Up Artist in China


+ Do I have to be a therapist to join?

Absolutely not! If you’ve been enjoying what I have been sharing so far, then I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy my teaching style and we probably share the same entrepreneurial mindset! I will show you all the features of Squarespace platform and more, which means that you’ll be able to build a website that suits the outcome you’re pursuing.

+ Do I need to prepare anything?

If you have the chance to prepare your material beforehand, I have a PDF guide on what to prepare and how to organize it which I will email you after you signed up. Otherwise, if you don't have time, I will give you dummy text and photos to build your website on day one of the workshop. You can prepare the material during the week before the second session. Of course, I will provide you with a checklist of what to prepare.

+ Which website builder will you use?

I chose Squarespace because it’s the best platform. I love it because: the result is clean and professional, you don’t need to download or update anything. Everything is in one place so there is less hassle. Plus, they have a smartphone app. to manage your website, and their customer service is amazing. Please note that I am not an affiliate and do not get any commission from recommending it!

+ Why is this course different?

This workshop blends theory and implementation so that you not only have the technical mastery of your website, you will also gain clarity on what is important in terms content and form, and what features are instrumental in helping you grow your business. I won’t use any jargon without explaining them to you! This course is designed for small business owners and solopreneurs.

+ What other fees should I budget?

You will pay Squarespace for the website hosting. Details hereSome may be fine with just the “personal” package, and others will prefer the “business” package. I will give recommendations on which package to choose according to your situation. All workshop attendees will enjoy 20% discount on the annual subscription through me.

+ What if I already registered my address?

Not a problem! We can apply for a transfer of your domain. I can help you with that.

+ Which language will you use?

We won't need to do any coding! I did add some codes into my site as I use to do some design work for clients and I needed it to be a display. For example, the FAQ section is a accordeon that opens up when you click on the question. Squarespace template did not have that feature. If there's anything you want to customize further, we can look into it together.

+ Will you cover newsletters?

There will be another workshop about how to create your newsletter, and another one about how to create “email funnels”, and other automations. You can sign up to my newsletter (below) if you don’t want to miss them as it will be limited in seats.

By doing it over and over, I have streamlined the process, and today, I want to share it with so you know that this can be so much fun!