11 of The Best Things I Did To Streamline My Spa Business

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1-Booking system

I set up an online booking system so we don't have to spend hours each day, responding to reservation inquiries and phone calls, plus reservations can be placed 24/7. I started with Mindbody system but after experiencing it, today, I would recommend you to not use it (expensive and increasing every year without notice and without adding new features), and instead, try MIO SALON. Their price is adjusted to the size of your business and their system is quite robust,


I uploaded printable e-gift certificates to our website, so we can generate extra revenue 24/7. Clients can place their orders and automatically receive their certificate download link. It puts a smile on my face, each time I receive a notification for an order and payment received!

Our download e-gift certificates on the spa's website

Our download e-gift certificates on the spa's website


I set up WeChat payment (China's Apple wallet and WhatsApp in one) to receive payments in one scan and click, and save 50% on POS machine fees. That was a big one but we made it!


I used to spend hours on Illustrator to design our marketing material. Now, I use Canva and I'm so in love with it. I made a free video tutorial so you can use it too. It takes less than 6 minutes to design your ad, flyer, or poster, plus you can effortlessly match everything you design to your brand's colors!

5-Spa Atmosphere

Our staff would take turns to check on the oil burner in the bathroom every hour. But we recently bought an automatic aroma diffusing machine, so it eliminates human errors.


Outsourced flower bouquet delivery with a monthly subscription, so nobody needs to think about ordering.

flowers Kocoon spa

7-Quality Control

Outsourced cleaning and staff presentation inspections so that it's regular, consistent, and emotionless.


Used Asana to assign and follow tasks, and communicate with the team instead of writing emails to ask and search for them. 


I schedule and fiercely protect my " Tiger Time ", where I focus on creative work, and turn off all message and email notifications. This is when my best and most significant work is done. 


Changing the accounting firm was the biggest hassle and most chaotic of all the things I did. But in doing so, now we pay 1/4 of what we use to pay, for the same work done- minus the fancy service.


Moved our website from WordPress to Shopify to develop e-commerce and other features without hassle. Easier than you can imagine!

What did I learn?

Pushing back something that you intrinsically know you need to do, for fear of change, and just because you settled with a mediocre solution for too long, can hinder your company's fluidity and growth. 

Shopping around for referrals and ideas can be fruitful! Some of the best new service suppliers I found, were because I asked for recommendations in group chats. 

Intentionally cultivate a beginner’s mindset so you can always look at your business with a new set of eyes and see what is clunky. How? By stepping outside of your business and being a client yourself. Treat and indulge yourself when doing “marketing intelligence”!

Call to action

If you want to push your business to the next level, start by making a list of all the clunky things, list them one by one and try to work on one each month. 


Do you need help streamlining your business?

I can help you with this! Streamlining will free up your mind, everything will flow with more fluidity, and you’ll be able to focus more on growing your business. Book a discovery session with me!


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