How To Bring New Clients To Your Door?

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The most important question in marketing something to someone who hasn’t purchased it before is, “Do they trust me enough to believe my promises?” Without that, you have nothing.
— Seth Godin

Getting that first booking is the hardest. Once the person stepped into your door, if they liked you, loved the service, and if you do the right things to follow-up, your first time clients will become repeat clients.

So what is stopping people who are aware of your activity from making that first booking? 

common objections that can prevent first time bookings

  1. Will it be difficult to find? Will I get lost?

  2. What if I arrive late? What if I arrive on time?

  3. What should I expect once I'm there? Will I feel intimidated or awkward? Will there be other people or just me and you?

  4. If you go to clients' home, what will you bring and what shall I prepare?

  5. If you receive clients in your home, do you have a dedicated space? Will there be other people?

  6. How are the hygiene procedures? Are hands and tools cleaned properly?

  7. What happens if I’m not satisfied?

  8. What does the pricing include? Will I end up spending more money than planned?

  9. Shall I give a tip? How much is appropriate?

  10. What is the best way to make my booking? Will they speak English? Can I book easily without speaking to anyone?

  11. Will it be painful? What are the risks of this treatment? Any adverse effects? Are the qualifications to perform this service adequate?

These are all legit worries, and I’m sure that you may ask yourself some of these questions when you are going to try a new hair salon, visit a new studio, or when you're seeing a health specialist for the first time!

Whether you have 50 likes or 5000 likes on your Facebook will not make any difference. Worries will remain worries until they are addressed. 


You have to be proactive with this, and answer to the objections before they are voiced, and before your prospects even know they have them. 

And the only way to do this before their first visit, is to use your website! 

What we did for our day spa center:

  • We included a embed Google map with our address, and a custom designed map.

  • We send an automated booking confirmation email for every client booked, which suggests the client to come 10 minutes earlier, and how much the service will cost. A link to our FAQ page is included in the first email.

spa booking mindbody
  • We included a video trailer on the homepage of the entire process from arrival to treatment, and farewell. I posted it less than a year ago, and already have 9000 views. Having a video in your landing page can increase conversion by 80%!

  • We communicated that hygiene standard is a priority on almost every page, and we explain the treatments procedure- especially for the complex ones such as facials.

  • We also include a TripAdvisor badge to show our commitment to customer satisfaction. We include clients reviews and testimonials to show credibility and increase social proof.

  • We publish our price list, including the adds-on.

  • We clarify our tipping policy in our FAQ page.

Kocoon Spa FAQ Page

Kocoon Spa FAQ Page

  • On our contact page, we list the different ways to book a service, as well as our business hours.

  • We are transparent about the product lines we use for every service on the menu. (If there are any labels or certifications your products are associated to, or if you are using cutting edge equipment, I encourage you to communicate that on your website. People love labels!)

Call To Action

What are the worries that could stop your clients from booking a treatment with you? Make a list and share some answers on your website. 

By applying this proactive strategy, you will eliminate worries, and increase your first booking opportunities exponentially!

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